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Pioneer of importing Brass Scrap in Jamnagar, Gujarat since 1980. We are a leader in building indenting agents in the local market. Alongwith, we are into Zinc pressure die casting and serving the industry with the commitment of building top notch quality products.

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The name ZAMAK/MAZAK draws upon the basic metallurgy of the alloy group: Z-Zinc, A-Aluminum, MA-Magnesium, and Cu-copper. In India as well as worldwide, Zinc Alloys are the most common alloys used for hot chamber die casting with a combination of superior mechanical properties and low melting/manufacturing costs. They fulfil the need for most die casting applications. Other ZAMAK alloys include ZAMAK-3, ZAMAK 5 High Purity Die Casting Alloys Special Alloys for galvanizing Aluminium 10/20/30/40 Al/Ni Al/Sn/Sb Al/Misc. Metal Alloys. Today there are two ACuZinc alloys: ACuZinc 5 (5% Copper), and ACuZinc 10 (10% Copper), and are used in a variety of automotive applications. ACuZinc 5 is a hot chamber die cast due to its lower melting temperature, whereas ACuZinc 10 is cold chamber die cast.

Typical Assay (%)
Al 3.9 ~ 4.2
Mg 0.04 ~ 0.05
Cu ≤ 0.0012
Pb ≤ 0.0030
Fe ≤ 0.0050
Cd ≤ 0.0010
Sn ≤ 0.0010
Zinc Remaining
Si ≤ 0.0200
Ni ≤ 0.0010

Company Profile

Mascot Metal Traders specialised in manufacturing of Non-ferrous metal alloys was established by Late Mr. Kantilal Joshi in 1980 . His aim was to create this world a better place by reducing the metal waste materials, minerals which eventually pollutes our environment and increases carbon footprint. Big Giants companies who craft excellent quality products end up producing metal/mineral waste in abundance which gets dumped into fine land.

He began to aggregate the waste products and created a process where after aggregating waste from different places he could provide best quality products, perfectly engineered from scrap and can be reused with full strength. He worked relentlessly to achieve this goal. As a result, he grew this company with folks you can count on your fingertips from a tiny idea & handful of resources to a company which built 2000 Metric tonnes of finished assorted products as required by users and the journey still continues with a worldwide network of importers from countries like United States of America, Europe and Middle East.

After the departure of Mr Kantilal Joshi, his son Mr. Dharmendra Joshi is working restlessly towards the same goal. Alongwith the company, Mr. Joshi leads Exim Metal Merchant , Jamnagar as a President and guides their numerous association body's as a committee member.

With the advancement in technology, the company has never taken a step backwards but acquired ultra-modern technology driven machined to craft best in class engineered non-ferrous alloy ingots which are strong and durable.

The combined team of skilled professionals, technical workforce and state-of-art technology this firm has unleashed the potential to cater clients' requirements of quality products in a fraction of time according to their needs. Since we have already established a strong relationship with our current clients we invite you to try yourself by dropping in your product requirement. We assure you that we would become the first choice of supplier for your products.


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  Sp. Shed No. 417/2,
       G.I.D.C., Shanker Tekri, Udyognagar,
       Jamnagar - 361004. Gujarat. India.

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